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Flexfolie Siser Easy Weed P.S. Electric, A4

Flexfolie Siser Easy Weed P.S. Electric Pearlescent

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Product Information Flex Film Siser Easy Weed P.S. Electric

The flex film is available in great bright, iridescent colors!

Pressing temperature: 150°C

Time: 15 seconds

Pressure: medium (3-4 bar)

Washing r:
Wash at max. 60°C . Please wait for 24 hours after pressing before washing. Do not use chlorine bleach or aggressive chemical agents.

Dry cleaning: no

Tumble dryer:inside out (Better if you air dry)

Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)

The film is a PVC-free and is suitable for Cad-Cut ® applications.

The flex film Siser P.S. Film Electric is suitable for cotton, polyester and polyester-cotton blends. The films are not suitable for silicone treated or sublimating fabrics.

Since the flex film has a polyester backing, no transfer film is necessary.

The Siser P.S. Film Electric is suitable for multi-layer application.

Certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class.

Average thickness: 90 micron

  • Cut film mirror-inverted with cutting plotter (film only, not through backing).
  • Textile about 2-3 sec. prepressing (at full pressing temperature)
  • Place on the textile together with the polyester carrier film
  • Press on or iron on
  • Take off the polyester carrier film warm or cold
  • When using an iron, make sure the surface is hard (no ironing board!). Press the design on with pressure for 15 seconds, do not go back and forth as with normal ironing. With the soleplate of a steam iron, it has holes for the steam to escape. Note that with these holes you will not reach the required temperature or pressure (iron must be moved accordingly). Iron without steam! Often the temperature of an iron is not regularly distributed and stable. This can lead to poor results.

We always recommend to do an application test before you start!
The colors shown are not binding and are for orientation purposes only.

Color deviations of screens, smartphones etc. and self-made printouts (own printer) compared to the original color are unavoidable. We assume no liability for color deviations.



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